Program Evaluation


Program evaluation can serve a range of purposes. High-quality evaluations are a requirement of most public and private granting agencies. Boards of Directors often desire independent evaluations of new and ongoing programs to help them make informed decisions. Finally, evaluation is a desire of many social and educational program developers and Directors who wish to demonstrate the effects of their programs for marketing purposes.

RSEC associates have broad evaluation expertise. There are many types of evaluations, from experimental and quasi-experimental outcome evaluations to program implementation studies, in-depth case studies, and evaluations in which the participants themselves are involved in designing and implementing the evaluation. The diverse social scientists of RSEC can consult with you and your staff to decide what type of evaluation will meet your needs. We work with you to tailor an evaluation plan to the requirements of a proposal, grantor, or board. Furthermore, we help you understand what type of evaluation will allow you to address and understand what you feel is important about your program.

RSEC consults with you in order to write text that your organization can use to explain your evaluation plan in future grant proposals. We can implement the evaluation as an independent evaluator, providing you with highly credible evaluation reports to use and distribute as you wish. Our associates are able to deliver professional final reports in a timely manner, as well as present the results of our evaluation in a variety of forums, such as meetings, symposia, or panels.